Working plan:The “Seven Leaps”

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Working plan


  Seven leaps What are you going to do?
 Step 1  Clarify concepts  Discuss which concepts are mentioned in the case. Agree on what these concepts mean; formulate which concepts remain unclear. Do not discuss the problem yet!


 Step 2  Formulate main question  Before you start looking for solutions, it should be clear what the problem is. Does everybody agree on this? Discuss and formulate the definition of the problem that you are going to try to solve.


 Step 3  Brainstorming  Brainstorm about the problem with your group. What do you already know about the problem? What do you expect, but don’t know for sure? Tell each other what you know. Think of as many solutions of the problem as possible.


 Step 4  Order the brainstorm  List the results of the brainstorm. Are there solutions that are in fact the same? Is there important information about the possibilities of a solution missing? Use the schemes to clearly display available and unavailable information.


 Step 5  Formulate sub questions  Formulate a few concrete sub questions, using the list of unavailable information. Make an estimate of the amount of time needed to answer the sub questions and divide the sub questions between the group members.


 Step 6  Searching information  Try to find an answer to the sub question that the group has given to you. Make a time schedule, find good sources, study these and think of how you are going to present the collected information to the group.


 Step 7  Reporting, evaluation and ending  Tell the rest of your group what you have found. Can you solve the case together?


Your teacher will tell you how to end the module.