Wasted food

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How often do you throw away good food?

When you live in a rich country possibly often, when you live in a poor country may be never…

Worldwide about one third of the produced food is wasted. This means also a lot of useless CO2 production.

Take a look at this website:


It is not only a waste of much work and resources, when food is thrown away at home, it is also a waste of money. You could do something nice with that money. Most leftover food is perfectly good to eat the next day, old bread can be toasted, most vegetables are good for making nice soups or mixed salads.

Test your home’s waste production

Make a plan to find out how much is wasted at home during a week,  how much is really bad when thrown away, which type of food is thrown away etc. Discuss in the family how to solve this.

Plan a week without any food waste. Use all the leftovers, make interesting dishes out of rests etc..

Calculate how much money you saved.

But perhaps you and your family are already not wasting any food! In that case it is useful to start a study of the food system in your town. What happens in the local supermarket? Do they bring rests to poor people, or do they feed it to animals, or is it just waste?

Perhaps you and your class can start an action to make people more conscious of this problem.

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