Case: The life of fisherman

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Traditional Indonesian fishing boat

Badar is a boy of twelve years, his father is a fisherman. They live on a remote island, in a village where the people live as fishermen. They go to the sea everyday to catch fish. They are not rich, but also not too poor. They have different ways of catching the fish. Some use traditional ways, some use modern ways. Even though they use modern ways, they don’t get much fish, just enough to feed their families.
Beside the two traditional ways, some use explosive materials to get more fish. The problem is that even they get fewer and fewer fish nowadays.

Badar wants to be a fisherman himself later, but now he is worried, because it looks as if there will be no fish left when he is old enough .


  1. What are traditional ways of fishing?
  2. What are modern ways of fishing?
  3. Some people use explosive materials nowadays. What does that mean? Why does that give more catch?
  4. What are the negative aspects of fishing with explosives?
  5. How to deal with the fishermen who use the explosive materials?
  6. How to solve the problem? What must the fishermen do to make sure there will be enough fish in the future?

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