Step 7

Step 7: Project Evaluation

During the project information on the evaluation could be collected on the basis of the items below:

Has the study load been realistic?
Was the time pupils spent on the project more or less than estimated in advance? What about the relation between time and working load? In principle teachers who made preparations for and supervised the project can answer these questions.

Was the implementation in the teaching program successful?
Was it possible to implement the project within the teaching program of the department?

Were there any complications with assignments and processing?
Here you can indicate what problems arose during the preparations and implementation of the assignments. Furthermore the functionality and value of the different assignments can be evaluated.

What difficulties were met during the collaboration?
Certainly matters will go wrong during the collaboration. Try to evaluate the collaboration as a whole and indicate what structural aspects did not go well during the general communication. How did the conferences go? Were the general co-ordinator and moderator able to do their work right? Etc.

How did the collaboration between teachers work?
Especially the collaboration with respect to the content during the preparations and implementation is dealt with here (formulation and adaptation of the assignments).

What about the results of the pupils?
Not only the static results, but the involvement and participation are considered as well.

Was the timespan realistic?
Spend at least one conference on a general evaluation in which each participant can point out his findings. Preferably the general co-ordinator formulates a final evaluation report.

Were the guidelines sufficient?
Remarks, critiques and supplements are welcomed with pleasure. The site is intended to serve as an interactive and developing project.
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