Step 5

Step 5: Project Preparations

Adaptations of the material
The timespan or subject framework in which the project is implemented is arranged with the group. It is possible that the existing content of the material is not sufficient. If you choose to implement the project for example for the period of the First World War, you can provide supplementary materials and make adaptations for the cases together with your group. This counts especially for cases 2 and 3. The general part of the cases (assignment 1: introduction) could best be implemented in the existing format. One of the learning goals is to get pupils acquainted with the subject propaganda in general. This is best done with the existing assignment.

Acquaintance of pupils by e-mail
In case 3 pupils will work together with pupils of partnerschools. Pupils could get to know each other by corresponding in advance. Pupils of your school send a brief email to other groupmembers, giving short introductions of themselves. For example name, age and hobbies can be listed. Discuss it in advance with the partnerschool, so that they can get ready and request their pupils to give their personal reactions.

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