Step 3

Step 3: Group Formation

If the first contacts are made and all information is exchanged, the group formation can be started, thereby initiating the eventual allocation of tasks and agendas.
First of all each participation school needs to form its team of teachers. At this moment the number of participating pupils needs to be known.

The co-ordinating school should form a management team. Keep participating schools informed with up-to-date information on a regular basis.
Depending on the situation a general co-ordinator is chosen. Presumably the initiating school performs this task. In this way it will be clear from the beginning who’ll take the responsibility for the implementation. In a different situation, the group as a whole could select the general co-ordinator.

Finally each school has to select its contact, who’ll act as a focal point. All the information can be put in a table as follows. This table merely serves as a guideline of a format to get a clear picture of the group as a whole:

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