Step 1

Step 1: Searching and Approaching partners

In accordance with the assignment foreign partnerschools are required for the implementation of the internationalisation. Preferably the total group comprises formations of three (3, 6, 9…), because of the feasibility of the cases. The set-up of collaboration between school can be realised by means of existing contacts or through partnerfinding. Make sure that criteria, wishes and possibilities of the collaboration are clarified in advance.

For instance the choice of a subject can exert influence on the partner choice (for instance USA and Russia regarding the propaganda during the Cold War)

Formulate a request including the following matters:

  • a description of your school organization
  • a description of the project that will be executed
  • a desire for collaboration
  • a short description of the criteria (difficulty level, age and number of pupils, time needed, etc.);

When partnerfinding is required, possible selections have to be made, as it is possible that more than one school may react to the Internet Request.
Different agencies are specialised in ‘partnerfinding’ for international collaboration; they sometimes provide databases of schools that are searching. An example of such a site is Windows on the World

This site works with the search criteria region, schooltype, target group and type of subject

Only start a collaboration when:

  • You are convinced of the possibility of a good working atmosphere between you and other contacts;
  • There are enough possibilities for regular conferences;
  • Your pupils and foreign pupils go well together, concerning age and type of schooling;
  • All relevant data have been received.

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