The assignment comprises three modules, mainly aimed at increasing knowledge, understanding the training of skills and working on behavioural changes. The pupils will follow a trail, of which each module forms an entity, but at the same time introduces the next module.

The main focus is module 3. For this assignment collaboration between schools with respect to the content is possible. Pupils of different schools will work together to deliver a joint product.
In module 1 the pupil is confronted with information about the consequences of our lifestyle for people elsewhere and in the future (for example consequences for their adult-life and next generations).
In module 2 pupils will search for realistic developments due to human activities in their own environment as well as elsewhere, in other parts of the world. This can be realised by performing a field research, but preferably by doing research on the consequences for others as well (at this moment the information exchange through the Internet will play an important part).
In module 3, the implementation and presentation follows. Pupils of partner schools build implementation and presentation together, first of all oral and/ or written for the personal environment and secondly online for the outside world.

The modules are as interactive as possible on the base of bi- and multilateral communication. That is, pupils will not work with a static product, but with a dynamic entity that stimulates the implementation and might develop in different directions.
As all modules, especially the group assignment, can be implemented from a distance, communication and interaction are essential.