One of the important aspects of this learning environment is offering an implementation plan for schools that would like to work with the SUSTAINABLE FOOTPRINT. The possible partnership with other schools is not the only thing that has to be arranged. Within the school as well some matters have to be arranged. The learning environment offers teachers a plan of implementation for their own organisation. Next are the adaptation of the learning program, planning and placement in the annual schedule and the recruitment of external teachers and supervisors.

Working on ‘Footprint’ is not bound to any time or place. It is of importance not to restrict the participation or implementation of schools by means of strict definitions of themes and subjects. A participating group of schools can set up their own specific project within the Ecological Footprint theme. Although nature and the environment are the central theme, the set-up allows for working from different points of view. Apart from the subjects Biology, Chemistry and Geography, all subjects traditionally involved with environmental education, subjects like History (the footprint of our heirs) and Economy and Creative subjects can be involved in the implementation in a way as well.

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