The project Sustainable Footprint was inspired by the idea of the “Ecological footprint” of Wackernagel en Rees (1996). It was designed to deepen and broaden the idea of the ‘ecological footprint’ and make it into a good tool for students’ exchanges, especially between the richer and the poorer countries in the world.

After a pilot project on the ‘footprint’ idea during a school exchange E-linQ (now: Betawerk) started developing the ‘footprint’ as an international, interactive digital project.

Workshops in Indonesia also helped developing a model that is fitting for schools both in the rich western counties and in schools in developing countries. Colleagues in Indonesia developed assignments adapted to their school system; you find them under the heading ‘Indonesian cases’ both in English and in Bahasa indonesia. 

Betawerk is a young NGO, working among many other subjects on educational ICT material,  Internationalization and Environmental Education, with close contacts to schools, to teachers education and to international educational institutions (like European Virtual School and UNESCO).

The development of this project was supported by the NCDO (the Netherlands’ Organization for Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Education, and the Provinces of Brabant and Limburg.

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