Design assignment


Thinking of our future

Once in a while everybody thinks of the future – of their own future of course, but also of the world’s future. All kind of developments today can have a great influence on our lives later on – and on the lives of the people living after us.
Perhaps you like the idea of influencing that future, possibly by choosing an influential profession
In many cases inventions and designs of earlier times play an important role in our life to-day. Think of cars and airplanes, but also vacuum cleaners and washing machines and even tinned food and paper handkerchiefs.
Try to think what your life would look like without these things.

Design for the future

Many of these everyday items make our life more comfortable, but at the same time they are bad for a sustainable world: cars produce too much air pollution and greenhouse gasses, and they make moving around impossible when they clog the roads. Planes endanger the ozone layer and produce a lot of noise and the rest of the products help producing a lot of waste. They all need improvement.

In this project you are invited to design something that could help to make a more sustainable future.
Your design can be realistic, but you can also design something so fantastic that it will never be possible – Perhaps it inspires people!

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