The project SUSTAINABLE FOOTPRINT was designed to help you think about the fact that your lifestyle has consequences for people in other parts of the world, possibly for your own future too, and for people living after us. By studying different aspects of our daily life and the daily life of students in different parts of the world, you will experience unexpected connections between aspects of living. Working with the project will also offer possibilities for exchange with students in others countries, especially in the Third World.


We have a variety of cases which can be used as material for lessons or for educational purposes. go to the cases »

Footprint Quiz

The footprint quiz lets you test your level of knowledge about the footprint. Afterwards you can fill in a wish for the future. go to the quiz »

Where is my footprint?

Fill in the questions and see where your footprint is, how big it is, and what you can do about it. find out your footprint »

Design assignment

Do the case and make a design for the future. Send the design to us and we will place it in the gallery. go to the design assignment »

Indonesian cases

As well as english and dutch cases we also have indonesian cases. go to the indonesian cases »