Case: A golden bracelet

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A golden bracelet for your mother’s birthday?

“Christmas is coming, or maybe your mother’s birthday. And what does she want? She is dreaming of a golden bracelet, just like the one your aunt has…  Looks always good, and keeps its value.  A good idea, but your brother says: “Much too expensive, I don’t join you there!””

Why is gold so expensive? Maybe he is right, maybe it is  not such a good idea!

Did you ever think of gold as an environmental problem?

Tr y to find out more about where gold comes from. You will understand that it is in fact very cheap, when you realise  that gold mining  costs people’s lives,  and destroys complete regions.  In fact goldmines could better be closed. Or do environmnentally friendly goldmines exist?


In earlier times gold was found by filtering sands from the bottom of rivers; this was called ‘gold panning’,  but now it is a different story!  The production of one golden ring generates 20 tons of waste. These mine wastes contain over 30 poisonous chemicals, including mercury, lead, arsenic and cyanide. And this is dumped in rivers, lakes and oceans.

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Useful links: www.nodirtygold.org