Miracle Filter for Drinking Water

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Februari 2005
After the tsunami catastrophe some people from DSM set of to Sri Lanka and Thailand to discussr the filters we anounced in this news. The company will make haste with the water4life project.

News December 2003


Clean water thanks to DSM
Ladle a bucket of water from a pond, chuck it in the membrane.water4life-filter, swingle the hand pump for some seconds and from the tape comes clean, safe drinking water. The device is developed by DSM-employees and its goal is to bring clean water to the people of Bangladesh.

Almost everywhere in Bangladesh the ground is polluted with Arsenic. Drinking water from these grounds is therefore causing diseases. Surface water and rain are better, but they have to be cleaned of pollutants and bacteria. The filter, made of plastic material with a micromembrane inside, makes this possible. The membrane is not costly and is easy to fabricate. At this moment it is being tested for sustainability and user friendliness. After the testing DSM will make the technology available for an organisation in Bangladesh, so that it can provide the people there with cheap filters.

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Source: Novibmagazine Nov.’03