Sources tourism case

Responsible tourism
Article on sustainable tourism

Environmental impacts of tourism
Site of UNEP on environmental impacts of tourism at the global level.

Socio-cultural impacts of tourism
Site of UNEP on socio-cultural impacts of tourism.

Mass tourism
BBC topic on mass tourism with different point of views from different countries.

Going on green
Article on what is the role of sustainable tourism in developing countries like Egypt.

CO2 costs of flying
Short description: This site calculates the costs of flying expressed in energy/CO2/trees. There is an explanation about why taking a plane is less expensive than for example travelling by train.

Ecotourism Game
Ecotourism is an increasingly popular form of tourism in which tourists seek out wild and scenic areas such as rainforests or mountains for an active and educational trip. Many researchers have studied ecotourism’s failures as well as its successes. In this game, you can try your hand at developing an ecotourism project in the Amazon. Can you make ecotourism sustainable?

Impact of tourism on Thailand
Information about the impact of tourism on Thailand. This site was developed for a course at a US university. Also the site contains information about other topics involving trade and the environment.

World Travel & Tourism Council en World Tourism Organization
Lots of information on global tourism on this site of the World Tourism Organization.