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Environmental Education Australia
Environmental education is an essential tool for achieving effective resource management and sustainable development. Environmental education seeks to incorporate environmental goals into mainstream society whilst valuing and linking other legitimate social and economic objectives and informing and empowering citizens.

The Globe Programme
The GLOBE Programme is an international environmental education project that encourages children in schools to explore and measure their local areas, and report their findings over the Internet.

ENN- Environmental News Network
Topics for environmental education and awareness

Young People’s Trust for the Environment
The Young People’s Trust for the Environment is a charity, which aims to encourage young people’s understanding of the environment and of the need for sustainability. Information about possible talks and courses held by YPTE in the UK.

This site provides water monitors and students with a place to store their water monitoring data, track their water monitoring projects and to provides educational resources you need to successfully implement a school-based water monitoring program.


Green living

With suggestions for activities for developing fun ways for kids to learn to work together to protect the planet! Try these activities and books to help your family act green!

Petit fashion

The Ultimate Guide To Sustainability & Recycling For Kids. Educating children on sustainability. Teaching children to not be consumers. The best way to teach this is not to fall victim to consumerism yourself (as parent and/or teacher).

Sustainability hub

Twenty Kids Videos About Sustainability: we can change!

Complete Guide To Recycling & Donating Used Clothes: