Your food and the Himalayas (the lesson)

Not many people will immediately think of food problems when watching pictures of beautiful mountain landscapes of the Himalayas. The truth is that a big part of the human population (40%) depends on these mountains for their food supply. And… read more

Water and History

Water for people – through the ages There is plenty of water on earth, but fresh water is rare. Humans are depending on fresh water, personally, but also especially for the production of food. Most human settlements were traditionally started… read more

The Dead Sea

Jordan seeks co-operation with Israel to save the Dead Sea Despite regional tension, Jordan is seeking to revive co-operation with Israel on a project to boost the receding water level of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, officials… read more

Miracle Filter for Drinking Water

Februari 2005 After the tsunami catastrophe some people from DSM set of to Sri Lanka and Thailand to discussr the filters we anounced in this news. The company will make haste with the water4life project.… read more

Global trade saves water

Global trade saves water! Researchers of UNESCO-IHE and the University of Twente found an interesting effect of global trade on the worldwide use of water. In a recent study they show that international trade of crop and livestock products reduces… read more