Case: The pond

Andi lives in a village East Java. Near the village, there is a pond near a forest. The water of the pond is clean and clear. The water is used by the villagers for daily use. The pond has been… read more

Peruvians harvesting water from fog

When dense fog sweeps in from the Pacific Ocean, special nets on a hillside near Lima, Peru, catch the moisture and provide precious water to an area that gets very little rainfall–about half an inch (1.5 centimeters) a year. The… read more

Water Stress and the Himalayas

Is this the future? In 50 years time, within half a century from now, Himalayan glaciers will have receded significantly, fish stocks will have vanished and cultivatable land will have largely depleted, especially in developing countries. As a result, the… read more

Thirsty eucalyptus trees get the chop in Kenya

[NAIROBI] Farmers in central Kenya are cutting down water-hungry eucalyptus tree species growing near water sources as a government directive aiming to save water takes effect. Environment minister, John Michuki, issued the directive three months ago in an attempt to… read more

Greenwashing water bottles

What makes Poland Springs Eco-Friendly water bottles good for nature? According to the improved label, the new eco-friendly shape “looks and feels different because it is purposely designed with an average of 30% less plastic to be easier on the… read more