One golden ring means 20 tons of waste

Goldmining is one of the most polluting industries of the World. People living near the mines pay the price, but nobody listens to their protest. This is true for the Maya people in the department of San Marcos in Guatemala.… read more

Case: A golden bracelet

  A golden bracelet for your mother’s birthday? “Christmas is coming, or maybe your mother’s birthday. And what does she want? She is dreaming of a golden bracelet, just like the one your aunt has…  Looks always good, and keeps… read more

Case: Rubbish!

Nurhayati is ill. She lives in a village (in Indonesia) near the sea built at a place which has been a dump before people started living there. As a result the villagers suffer from many kinds of disease. Nuhayati is… read more

Case: Walking in the city

Have you ever been to the mall? There are so many things in there, like clothes, food, medicine, etc. Maybe your parents give you permission to choose your own goods. Did you ever think where the things come from? Maybe… read more
Was your T-shirt produced organically?

Plastic eating bacteria in the oceans

Huge plastic waste dumps float in the Oceans bigger than continents. Some 10% of world’s plastic waste finds its way into the sea and ends up in the central regions where slow moving circular currents trap debris into one large… read more