thematic lessons

Biodiversity vital for mankind

  For the teacher An introduction to the importance of biodiversity can be useful as a start: see : THE IMPORTANCE OF BIODIVERSITY TO ECOSYSTEMS AND PEOPLE. (in: Extra information) Some ecosystems can survive for a long time, others collapse… read more

Angkor Wat: a wake-up-call

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — A new study of the demise of the ancient city of Angkor is a wake-up call for Cambodia to be more vigilant in its efforts to conserve the site The study found that Angkor was far… read more

Make Biofuel from Car Fumes

July 19, 2007 — By Michael Szabo, Reuters QUEENSFERRY, Wales The world’s richest corporations and finest minds spend billions trying to solve the problem of carbon emissions, but three fishing buddies in North Wales believe they have cracked it. They… read more

Making sense of geothermal energy

July 19, 2007 — From: the Globe Foundation of Canada Geothermal, or earth energy, is perhaps the most underutilized renewable source of energy. Whether using the earth’s naturally stable temperature to provide heating and cooling, or harnessing extreme heat from… read more

Growing food in the city 2

There are a lot of problems with our existing food production system. Consider: the average mouthful of food of Americans has travelled 1,500 miles before reaching our plate, losing nutrition and flavour while consuming an incredible amount of energy. The… read more