Sustainable Energy

Who needs oil anyway?

Amory Lovins drives a hybrid that gets 64 miles per gallon (=3,7 liter/100km)and lives in a solar-powered house that is so energy-efficient he’s able to grow bananas in an indoor jungle high in the Colorado Rockies. Yet he – he… read more

Energy from footsteps

THE USE OF FOOTSTEPS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF A SUSTAINABLE FOOTPRINT – -power your cell phone with your footstep– Capturing the compression energy of a shoe heel when it strikes the ground during walking or running is a new way… read more

Energy from mine water

Harnessing Sustainable Energy from Mine Water A unique international project has recently been launched to investigate whether warm water from former coalmines can be used as a source of sustainable energy. The Є20.9 million, part-EU-funded Mine Water Project is integrating… read more

Greenhouse producing energy

Next generation greenhouse cultivation’ seems to offer possibilities for holdings that are raising young vegetable plants. Besides screening, there are high expectations of forced ventilation. This was found in a series of interviews with ten holdings on which vegetables plants… read more