Sustainable Energy

Portable light

Lighting Up Mexico’s Sierra Madre and other places Like many parts of the world that do not have access to electricity, it is considered economically unfeasible and ecologically unsound to construct a centralized electrical grid in the Sierra Madre The… read more

Innovative tower

Innovative Tower To Feature Atrium Of Wind Turbines The “Clean Technology Tower” is a highly efficient building which will be constructed in Chicago. The tower will have wind turbines positioned at the corners of the building, to capture wind at… read more

Sugar Palm a Promising Sustainable Energy Solution

In Indonesia a large project will start, aiming to extract bio-energy from 1 million hectares of mixed sugar palm forests. Eco Integration is the name of this sugar palm project, that will soon start its activities. In these sustainable forests,… read more

Power from Mine Water

World’s first minewater power How abandoned coalmines provide new sustainable resource The world’s first minewater power station has been opened in Heerlen on October 1st 2008. This purpose built power station is designed to use sustainable resources, as water from… read more

Harnessing Energy from the Oceans

Forever moving – our restless oceans have enough energy to power the world. As long as the Earth turns and the moon keeps its appointed cycle, the oceans will absorb and dissipate vast amounts of kinetic energy – a renewable… read more