Sustainable Energy

Seaweed farm can produce as much sustainable energ..

A new ready-made seaweed farm could play a major part in generating sustainable energy  from biomass. The use of special textile mats simplifies seaweed farming and substantially increases the yield. According to the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN),… read more

Off-shore Wind Turbines May Weaken Hurricanes

As one of nature’s most destructive forces, hurricanes are unstoppable storms that can cause total devastation for coastal communities. While Mother Nature is unpredictable and uncontrollable, there are researchers and scientists who think hurricanes can be weakened or even stopped.… read more

Wind energy and nature

Research shows: first offshore wind farm in the Netherlands has positive impact on marine life Because many people do not want modern windmills ‘in their back yard’, wind parks are being built in sea, where people can not see them.… read more

Ethiopia’s leap into geothermal power

ADDIS ABABA  Oct 24, 2013 Ethiopia has signed a preliminary agreement with a U.S.-Icelandic firm for a $4 billion investment intended to tap its vast geothermal power resources and help it become a major exporter of energy for East Africa… read more

A Green Globe: 4 Surprisingly Sustainable Countrie..

Going green is trendy these days. Everyone has reusable water bottles, canvas grocery bags and recycling bins. Hybrid vehicles are on the rise, and companies from Venizon to Ikea are working to make their products more environmentally friendly. But sustainability… read more