Sustainable Energy

A green battery for home use in rural Africa

EPFL startup hiLyte has developed an eco-friendly battery that will allow people in Sub-Saharan Africa to light their homes and charge their cell phones. The technology is currently being tested by families in Tanzania. Over a billion people worldwide live… read more

Unexpected discovery: ‘Blue-green algae̵..

  Cyanobacteria – also called blue-green algae – can produce oil from water and carbon dioxide with the help of light. This is shown by a recent study by the University of Bonn. The result is unexpected: Until now, it… read more

Bladeless wind mill: more energy with less noise

When you always have thought that windmills need blades to produce energy, you can change your mind: engineers of Vortex Bladeless were inspired by the trembling the wind can cause in constructions, once even destroying a bridge. The result is… read more

Food or fuel? How environmental is biofuel?

At the time of the Arab oil export embargo in the 1970s, importing countries asked themselves if there were alternatives. In the United States, Europe and Brazil, the idea of growing crops to produce fuel for cars was appealing. The… read more

Briny Pool Bacteria Can Clean Up and Power Up

Warm and salty wastewater is a by-product of many industries, including oil and gas production, seafood processing and textile dyeing. KAUST researchers are exploring ways to detoxify such wastewater while simultaneously generating electricity. They are using bacteria with remarkable properties:… read more