Saving Energy

Case: Forest(3)

  WILL MY LAST FOREST DISAPPEAR? click here for the indonesian version My name is Ali. I was born 12 years ago in Indah Berseri village, a beautiful village at the edge of forest in Kali Buntu district of Muara… read more

Old Plastic Bottles Bring Light

Rooms now dark day and night can be lighted during the day – for no money… Millions of people in the Philippines live in (relative) darkness. The cost of electricity is beyond the means of many, so residents of poorer… read more

Train can be worse for climate than plane

True or false: taking the commuter train across Boston results in lower greenhouse gas emissions than travelling the same distance in a jumbo jet. Perhaps surprisingly, the answer is false. A new study compares the “full life-cycle” emissions generated by… read more

How you can help reduce the footprint of the Web

Browsing the internet contributes to global warming by generating extra greenhouse gases – but could the web be made greener? Jonathan Leake talks to Dr Alex Wissner-Gross a physicist from Harvard University So it’s Sunday morning, you’re sitting down at… read more

The Greenest Way to Get Away

Enviro-Tips Let’s say you live in New York and you’re looking into vacationing in San Francisco…which is 2,582 miles away. Sounds like fun! But you’re environmentally conscious — which we know you are — and let’s say you’d like to… read more