BlueHelmets for climate change?

BlueHelmets ‘BlueHelmets’ (or Blue Barets) are soldiers of the UN being sent to countries where people have problems because of armed conflicts. Maybe you are considering to become a BlueHelmet in the future to help building a better world. Perhaps… read more

Easter Island, a lesson for us all

Easter Island is one of the world’s most remote places inhabited by people: 2500 miles from the nearest continent (South America) and 1200 miles from the nearest island (Pitcairn). At the same time it is one of the most enchanting… read more

Water and History

Water for people – through the ages There is plenty of water on earth, but fresh water is rare. Humans are depending on fresh water, personally, but also especially for the production of food. Most human settlements were traditionally started… read more

The Footprint of Europe

EUROPE 2005 REPORT At the European Parliament today, WWF and Global Footprint Network launched EUROPE 2005: The Ecological Footprint, a report showing that Europe uses 20 percent of the biosphere’s services to serve seven percent of the world’s population –… read more

(Nederlands) De voetafdruk van Europa

  DE VOETAFDRUK VAN EUROPA: TE GROOT Inwoners Europese Unie verbruiken 2,2 keer meer natuur dan beschikbaar Inwoners van de Europese Unie verbruiken voor hun consumptie gemiddeld 2,2 keer meer natuur, zoals hout, grondstoffen en vis, dan de Unie beschikbaar… read more