Bottled Water Has High Environmental Costs

May 11, 2007 — By Deborah Zabarenko, Reuters WASHINGTON — Bottled water, the world’s fastest growing beverage, carries a heavy environmental cost, adding plastic to landfills and putting pressure on natural springs, the author of a new report said Thursday.… read more “Bottled Water Has High Environmental Costs”

Flood-Tolerant Rice

Flood-Tolerant Rice Could Help Farmers and Environment November 29, 2006 — By Robin Hindery, Inside a greenhouse on the University of California, Davis campus, a group of rice plants is defying conventional farming wisdom and thriving in a formerly life-threatening… read more “Flood-Tolerant Rice”

Grain demand for car fuel threatens food supply

Now that the year’s grain harvest is safely in the bin, it is time to take stock and look ahead. This year’s harvest of 1,967 million tons is falling short of the estimated consumption of 2,040 million tons by some… read more “Grain demand for car fuel threatens food supply”

Toronto roofs

Toronto Becomes First City To Mandate Green Roofs April 13, 2012 Summer is just around the corner, and for those who live in big cities, that means spring warmth will soon give way to searing heat. Green roofs can help… read more “Toronto roofs”

Toronto Buildings Going Green on Top, But Very Slo..

July 27, 2006 — By Stefanie Kranjec, Reuters  TORONTO — A handful of buildings in Canada’s biggest city are going green on top in an effort to help the environment and reduce global warming, but the city admits its plan… read more “Toronto Buildings Going Green on Top, But Very Slowly”