10 tips to save the world’s islands

BERKELEY, Calif. — With vacation time rapidly approaching, many people’s thoughts turn to islands. Seacology (www.seacology.org), the world’s premier non-profit organization with the sole purpose of preserving island environments and cultures, is pleased to provide our top 10 tips to… read more

Today is Earth Overshoot Day

Unlike governments, nature doesn’t do bailouts. Yet as of today, humanity will have placed more demand on ecological services – from filtering CO2 to producing food, fiber and timber– than nature can provide in this year, according to Global Footprint… read more

Bottled Water Has High Environmental Costs

May 11, 2007 — By Deborah Zabarenko, Reuters WASHINGTON — Bottled water, the world’s fastest growing beverage, carries a heavy environmental cost, adding plastic to landfills and putting pressure on natural springs, the author of a new report said Thursday.… read more

Flood-Tolerant Rice

Flood-Tolerant Rice Could Help Farmers and Environment November 29, 2006 — By Robin Hindery, Inside a greenhouse on the University of California, Davis campus, a group of rice plants is defying conventional farming wisdom and thriving in a formerly life-threatening… read more

Grain demand for car fuel threatens food supply

Now that the year’s grain harvest is safely in the bin, it is time to take stock and look ahead. This year’s harvest of 1,967 million tons is falling short of the estimated consumption of 2,040 million tons by some… read more