Global trade saves water

Global trade saves water! Researchers of UNESCO-IHE and the University of Twente found an interesting effect of global trade on the worldwide use of water. In a recent study they show that international trade of crop and livestock products reduces… read more

Are you a young Eco Hero?

  Are you a Young Eco-Hero Do you know a Young Eco-Hero? Want the world to know what you’ve done?? *Have you been working to preserve the world around you? *Have you been teaching others how to protect the environment?… read more

Nominated for prestigious price!

Nominated!!! This project ‘Sustainable footprint’ has been nominated for a price called ‘Ei van Columbus’ (= Columbus’ egg) 2006 – meant to stimulate innovation and sustainability. This competition is developed by 8 departments of the Dutch government. The sustainable footprint… read more

Energy from mine water

Harnessing Sustainable Energy from Mine Water A unique international project has recently been launched to investigate whether warm water from former coalmines can be used as a source of sustainable energy. The Є20.9 million, part-EU-funded Mine Water Project is integrating… read more

Women’s Help Vital in Slowing Spread of Dese..

June 01, 2006 — By Ben Blanchard, Reuters BEIJING — Women, who make up about 70 percent of rural workers worldwide, are key to turning back the spread of deserts, the head of the United Nations’ main agency on rural… read more