Human history and the environment

Did early agriculture stave off global cooling?

This article is an update of : Early farming methods caused climate change. A new analysis of ice-core climate data, archeological evidence and ancient pollen samples strongly suggests that agriculture by humans 7,000 years ago likely slowed a natural cooling… read more

History and/of the environment

It belongs to our time in history to be worried about environment, climate change, ‘plastic islands’ in the oceans, extreme weather, etc. Of course, never before so many people lived on this planet, never before people used so much fossil… read more
Slash and burn agriculture in Amazonian rainforest

BlueHelmets for climate change?

BlueHelmets ‘BlueHelmets’ (or Blue Barets) are soldiers of the UN being sent to countries where people have problems because of armed conflicts. Maybe you are considering to become a BlueHelmet in the future to help building a better world. Perhaps… read more

Maya cities died from environmental crisis

The latest archeological finds in Guatemala seem to support the theory that the Maya civilisation, that once blossomed there, was victim of their own impact on the environment. Especially deforestation made life in the cities unbearable. This is the opinion… read more

Early farming methods caused climate change

Farmers thousands of years ago cleared land by burning forests and moved to a new area once the yields declined, say scientists. Farmers who used “slash and burn” methods of clearing forests to grow crops thousands of years ago could… read more