Food for Mankind

Bio vegetables from the slums

In the slums of Capetown (South Africa) you can find over 2000 organic vegetablle gardens. The owners get better food for themselves and they can earn some extra money because the demand of organic food is growing fast in the… read more

Growing Food Locally: in the city

Integrating Agriculture Into the Built Environment In greenhouses atop the Vinegar Factory market and adjoining bakery on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Eli Zabar grows fresh tomatoes, a wide variety of greens, strawberries, and even figs. Eli Zabar’s bakery and market… read more

The Real Cost of Cheap Food

Sometimes shoppers are confused by the differences in price between food grown organically and food grown conventionally. Usually organic loses the price war argument in comparison to what is called “conventional” food. Of course, we are all mostly aware that… read more

Diet for a small planet

Diet For Small Planet May be Most Efficient if it Includes Dairy and a Little Meat A low-fat vegetarian diet is very efficient in terms of how much land is needed to support it. But adding some dairy products and… read more

Egypt plan to green Sahara

Egypt plan to green Sahara desert stirs controversy CAIRO (Reuters) It looks like a mirage but the lush fields of cauliflower, apricot trees and melon growing among a vast stretch of sand north of Cairo’s pyramids is all too real… read more