Food for Mankind

Case: Damaging the mangrove forest

  A case special  for schools near the coast (this case is also available in Indonesian: Kasus bakau) The Damage of Mangrove Forest in Indah Permai Beach In the year of 1970 a beautiful mangrove forest was lying along Indah… read more

Case: What did you eat for breakfast?

  What did you eat for breakfast? This case is also in Indonesian Yuliana is eating her breakfast, and suddenly starts thinking about her food. Where does it come from? Who has been growing it? How far has it travelled… read more

Case: food(2)

  CHIPS OR BANANAS? “Siti comes home from school, being hungry. She shouts to her mother to give her something to eat, but mother is busy and tells her to fetch something from the ‘warung’ (small shop) around the corner… read more

Case: food

  CÔTE DE PORC AU VIN BLANC Jesse likes nice food and he loves to cook. Tonight his friend Bo is coming over for dinner. Jesse and his mother tried hard to prepare a perfect meal. And with success: the… read more

Bugs can solve food crisis

A tropical entomologist argues that edible insects offer a sustainable alternative for conventional meat. Insects sold at Laotian market > As early as 1885, the British entomologist Vincent M. Holt wrote a booklet with the title: “Why not eat insects?”… read more