Food for Mankind

Smaller Fish – The Decade’s Most Underreported..

What was the underreported environmental story of the decade? In 2000, Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzen coined the term “Anthropocene” (anthropos = human being)  for the current epoch in recognition of humans as a dominant force for environmental change on… read more “Smaller Fish – The Decade’s Most Underreported Story?”

From Waste to Food to Fuel

Rice Production and Green Charcoal in Senegal Inadequate management of human waste is a dire problem in much of the developing world. Swelling urban populations can make matters worse by exposing increasingly dense populations to illnesses carried by human waste.… read more “From Waste to Food to Fuel”

Growing fish and tomatoes in one greenhouse

Economical and ecological attractive project EcoFutura is a project of four Dutch companies (‘Groen Agro Control’, GreenQ, Aqua-Terra Nova and Priva). They studied the possibility of combining fishfarming in a closed system with greenhouse production of tomatoes. This is the… read more “Growing fish and tomatoes in one greenhouse”

How sustainable is your dinner?

“During dinner  a discussion grows about the sustainability of the meal. This chicken, how did she live? What did she get to eat? The rice is from Thailand, the package tells us  that, the pineapple is from Kenya. So, this… read more “How sustainable is your dinner?”

Fish to feed the world

Tilapia is a very special fish. Growing Tilapia can help people who have not enough proteins in their diet, It is possible to grow Tilapia in a simple pond and the fish does not demand expensive fodder. If you take… read more “Fish to feed the world”