Food for Mankind

Going vegetarian could save emissions and prevent ..

Oxford researchers have quantified the benefits of the world becoming vegetarian, writes Marco Springmann. Their study shows that simple changes – like moving to diets low in meat and high in fruit and vegetables – could lead to significant reduction… read more “Going vegetarian could save emissions and prevent 8 million deaths a year”

Bees don’t like diesels!

Diesel fumes may be reducing the  availability of almost half the most common flower odours that bees use to find their food, new research has found. The new findings suggest that toxic nitrous oxide (NOx) in diesel exhausts could be… read more “Bees don’t like diesels!”

Trash or Treasure? Repurposing Food Waste to Feed ..

“If I offered you a bruised banana, you probably wouldn’t be interested,” said Jonathan Deutsch, PhD, director of Drexel University’s Center for Hospitality and Sport Management. “But what if I offered you some banana ice cream on a hot summer… read more “Trash or Treasure? Repurposing Food Waste to Feed the Hungry”

You’re Worrying About the Wrong Bees

“Save the Bees!” is a common refrain these days, and it’s great to see people interested in the little animals critical for our food supply around the globe. But I have one quibble: you’re talking about the wrong bees. Honey… read more “You’re Worrying About the Wrong Bees”

Ants – pests or pest controllers?

While many are used to thinking of ants as pests  – especially during the summertime -, ( see f.i. on this site Cleaning tips to avoid pests in your home)  new research (published in British Ecological Society’s Journal of Applied… read more “Ants – pests or pest controllers?”