Grasslands, the lesson

The big ecosystems on Earth where people can live are mainly forests and grasslands. Grassland, savanna,  is where our species started and lived maybe 2 million years. Many natural grasslands are now agricultural areas (many forests too). Somehow people seem… read more

6 Deadly Factors Impacting the Environment, and Wh..

In the time that it has taken you to read this sentence, you have fallen through an eternal expanse of stars at approximately 460 metres a second. Clinging to a green and blue ball of rock awash in this endless… read more

Forest conservation may be hurting grasslands

Good intentions, collateral damage Tropical grassland biomes often defined … and mismanaged as forests Trees absorb CO2 and trap carbon molecules, and countless are lost as forests are felled around the world. So why not plant as many as we… read more

Fertilizers: ‘one of the three major drivers of ..

TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING Excess nutrients impacting productivity, biodiversity, functioning of grasslands around the world The world’s grasslands are being destabilized by fertilization, according to a paper recently published in the journal Nature. In a study of 41… read more

Decreasing biodiversity affects productivity of re..

When plant biodiversity declines, the remaining plants face diminishing productivity, say scientists in a study published in the journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’. “The loss of biodiversity is threatening ecosystem productivity and services worldwide, spurring efforts to… read more