Plants that Threaten Environment

Plant Lovers Want Nurseries To Stop Selling Invasive Plants that Threaten Environment June 29, 2007 TOLEDO, Ohio — Bamboo-like plants that grow taller than adults have choked out native plants in a marsh that once teemed with life at Maumee… read more “Plants that Threaten Environment”

Kasus Bakau

Perusakan Hutan Bakau (English version,  see: Damaging the Mangrove forest) Sebuah kasus untuk sekolah-sekolah dekat pantai A case for schools near the coast Kerusakan Hutan Mangrove di Pantai Indah Permai The Damage of Mangrove Forest in Indah Permai Beach Pada… read more “Kasus Bakau”

Plant life saved Earth from an icy fate

Besides the obvious benefits they bring, it looks like we owe our very existence to plants, which helped prevent the Earth from freezing over during the past 25 million years. About 50 million years ago, Earth was a hothouse –… read more “Plant life saved Earth from an icy fate”


  To the teacher: This assignment is based on some recent texts on diversity, Classes can use it to learn something about modern research on nature conservation, but it is also a good subject to make them aware of a… read more “Biodiversity”

Foxes in northern henhouse

Humans thinking to improve nature can be terribly wrong! A good example of the unexpected effect of human intervening in nature: HOW FOXES IN THE ALEUTIAN HENHOUSE DOOMED ISLANDS’ PLANT LIFE Foxes may not graze, but a new scientific study… read more “Foxes in northern henhouse”