Planting Mangroves to Protect Livelihoods

Mangrove forests, one of the world’s richest ecosystems, are declining in the South of Senegal. In a bid to reverse deforestation, the Senegal-based NGO Oceanium has planted six million mangrove trees, thereby boosting fish stocks and reviving livelihoods. Up to… read more

Biodiversity conservation saves ecosystem services

Healthy ecosystems that provide people with essential natural goods and services often overlap with regions rich in biological diversity, showing that conserving one also protects the other, according to a new study. The report confirms the value of making biological… read more

Loss of Deep-sea Species Could Lead to Collapse

Scientists have demonstrated that deep-sea ecosystem functioning is closely dependent upon the number of species inhabiting the ocean floor. Danovaro “This shows that we need to preserve biodiversity, and especially deep-sea biodiversity, because otherwise the negative consequences could be unprecedented.… read more

Secrets of Successful Ecosystems

Secrets of Successful Ecosystems This study used a lab-based artificial ecosystem of communities of bacteria to examine what happens when the bacteria move around and evolve to live in different parts of the ecosystem over the course of hundreds of… read more

Arctic ice melt could see rise of “Grolar be..

Arctic ice melt could see rise of “Grolar bear” Scientists have suggested that due to the adverse effects of Arctic ice melting, the hybrid of a polar bear and grizzly bear – dubbed the ‘grolar bear’, might rise in numbers.… read more