Saving livestock by thinking like a predator

For predators like wolves, cougars and snow leopards, a cow or sheep out to pasture may make for an easy and tasty meal. But when wild animals eat livestock, farmers face the traumatic loss of food or income, frequently sparking… read more

Beavers cut flooding and pollution and boost wildl..

Beavers have alleviated flooding, reduced pollution and boosted populations of fish, amphibians and other wildlife, according to a five-year study of wild-living animals in Devon. The report, which will help the government decide whether to allow wild beavers to return… read more

Even after death, animals are important in ecosyst..

Unlike deadwood, the sight of carcasses in nature is hardly accepted. A shame, the researchers think.  Animal carcasses play an important role in biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems, also over prolonged periods. Scientists from the German Centre for Integrative… read more

Tiny Woodlands Are More Important Than Previously ..

Small woodlands in farmland have more benefits for humans per area, compared to large forests, according to a new study. The small woodlands, sometimes even smaller than a football field, can easily go unnoticed in agricultural landscapes. Yet, these small… read more

Climate change and biodiversity

We hear much talking about climate change – and we experience changes in our local weather, probably resulting from the global changes. The other actual and global problem, loss of biodiversity, gets less attention, but may be more severe in… read more