Plant life saved Earth from an icy fate

Besides the obvious benefits they bring, it looks like we owe our very existence to plants, which helped prevent the Earth from freezing over during the past 25 million years. About 50 million years ago, Earth was a hothouse –… read more

10 tips to save the world’s islands

BERKELEY, Calif. — With vacation time rapidly approaching, many people’s thoughts turn to islands. Seacology (www.seacology.org), the world’s premier non-profit organization with the sole purpose of preserving island environments and cultures, is pleased to provide our top 10 tips to… read more

Toronto Buildings Going Green on Top, But Very Slo..

July 27, 2006 — By Stefanie Kranjec, Reuters  TORONTO — A handful of buildings in Canada’s biggest city are going green on top in an effort to help the environment and reduce global warming, but the city admits its plan… read more