Early farming methods caused climate change

Farmers thousands of years ago cleared land by burning forests and moved to a new area once the yields declined, say scientists. Farmers who used “slash and burn” methods of clearing forests to grow crops thousands of years ago could… read more

Rising sea levels: Survival tips from 5.000 BC

With rising seas lapping at coastal cities and threatening to engulf entire islands in the not-too-distant future, it’s easy to assume our only option will be to abandon them and head for the hills. There may be another way, however.… read more

Water for a warming world

Freshwater: lifeblood of the planet Freshwater is the liquid of life. Without it the planet would be a barren wasteland. The supply of water is finite, but demand is rising rapidly as population grows and as water use per capita… read more

Arctic ice melt could see rise of “Grolar be..

Arctic ice melt could see rise of “Grolar bear” Scientists have suggested that due to the adverse effects of Arctic ice melting, the hybrid of a polar bear and grizzly bear – dubbed the ‘grolar bear’, might rise in numbers.… read more

Ancient Oak Trees Help Reduce Global Warming

COLUMBIA, Mo. —The battle to reduce carbon emissions is at the heart of many eco-friendly efforts, and researchers from the University of Missouri have discovered that nature has been lending a hand. Researchers at the Missouri Tree Ring Laboratory in… read more