Rivers help lock carbon from fires into oceans for..

Wildfires are not only bad for nature! The  study published in Nature Communications, calculated how much burned carbon is being flushed out by rivers and locked up in the oceans. Oceans store a surprising amount of carbon from burned vegetation,… read more

Climate change and biodiversity 2: finding solutio..

Different scientists are concerned about different problems: ecologists worry about the diminishing biodiversity. Rightly so: the famous biologist Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University calculated in 2017 that today 50% less animals walk, swim, fly, creep on this planet than a… read more

Climate change and biodiversity

We hear much talking about climate change – and we experience changes in our local weather, probably resulting from the global changes. The other actual and global problem, loss of biodiversity, gets less attention, but may be more severe in… read more

Trees could sink two-thirds of human-generated car..

  A worldwide effort to restore trees would be the single biggest and cheapest way to pull carbon out of the atmosphere. Researchers have found that there is 1.7 billion hectares of treeless land on which 1.2 trillion trees could… read more

Trees are crucial to the future of our cities

(Photo:For her research, Carly Ziter biked around Madison with a small weather station strapped to the back of her bike. The sensor on her bike marked her location and took an air temperature reading every single second as she rode,… read more