Trees are crucial to the future of our cities

(Photo:For her research, Carly Ziter biked around Madison with a small weather station strapped to the back of her bike. The sensor on her bike marked her location and took an air temperature reading every single second as she rode,… read more “Trees are crucial to the future of our cities”

Trees and climate (the lesson)

Read Trees change their anatomy as drought persists Trees depend on climate as every living creature does, but they also  can adapt to change, and may be help prevent climate change. Questions: The observed changes: 1/ narrower water-carrying vessels, 2/… read more “Trees and climate (the lesson)”

The surprising role of northern trees

25 – 50% of a living tree is water, depending on the species and the season. Until recentlythe water in the trees was seen as insignificant but resent work of thje university of Fairbanks (Alaska, USA) has shown that this… read more “The surprising role of northern trees”

Trees change inside as drought persists

James Cook University scientists have found that trees change their anatomy in response to prolonged drought. JCU’s Associate Professor Susan Laurance has led the Daintree Drought experiment since 2015, in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Edinburgh and Imperial… read more “Trees change inside as drought persists”

Global warming: worrying lessons from the past

56 million years ago, an episode of global warming caused extreme floods and landscape disruption. A study conducted in the Pyrenees reveals the magnitude of this environmental disaster. 56 million years ago, the Earth experienced an exceptional episode of global… read more “Global warming: worrying lessons from the past”