City life

Case: Pollution and hot weather in my city

“Anita is walking in the city, but not enjoying it because it is too hot. The weather here is often much hotter than outside the city where she was staying with her grandparents three weeks ago. They live near the… read more

Case: Walking in the city

Have you ever been to the mall? There are so many things in there, like clothes, food, medicine, etc. Maybe your parents give you permission to choose your own goods. Did you ever think where the things come from? Maybe… read more
Was your T-shirt produced organically?

Case: Clothing

  REGULAR FIT – LOW WAIST – BOOT CUT For a while you have needed new clothes. This Saturday it is going to happen: You are going to buy yourself a whole new wardrobe. Your plan is to go the… read more

Power from Mine Water

World’s first minewater power How abandoned coalmines provide new sustainable resource The world’s first minewater power station has been opened in Heerlen on October 1st 2008. This purpose built power station is designed to use sustainable resources, as water from… read more

Growing food in the city

An example of people in a big city reducing their footprint, making the climate more comfortable and getting cheap and healthy food. This is possible in many places. In Havana they have already much experience: A project from Havana, Cuba… read more