Case: Forest(3)

  WILL MY LAST FOREST DISAPPEAR? click here for the indonesian version My name is Ali. I was born 12 years ago in Indah Berseri village, a beautiful village at the edge of forest in Kali Buntu district of Muara… read more

Case: Forest(2)

MY LOVELY FOREST, MY POOR FOREST This case in Indonesian: Hutanku Sayang, Hutanku Malang Winda lives in a village near the forest. The people in the village are mostly farmers. They also use products from the forest, like fruits from… read more

Case: Forest

  A STRANGE GARDEN Diana‚Äôs neighbour is mad about nature. Her garden is full of wild plants. Plants which you would sometimes see in the wild, you can also find in her garden. But she never digs them up, she… read more

Case: Clothing

  REGULAR FIT – LOW WAIST – BOOT CUT For a while you have needed new clothes. This Saturday it is going to happen: You are going to buy yourself a whole new wardrobe. Your plan is to go the… read more

Case: What did you eat for breakfast?

  What did you eat for breakfast? This case is also in Indonesian Yuliana is eating her breakfast, and suddenly starts thinking about her food. Where does it come from? Who has been growing it? How far has it travelled… read more