Case: Dry land

Muhtar is a boy living in a farming village in Sambelia district. Nowadays his father is no longer farming but working in the big city and rarely coming home. His mother still works on the farm but it does not… read more

Case: Fatima, a farmer’s daughter

Pak Rahman is a farmer who lives in a remote village. He has a daughter named Fatima. She is a very clever girl. She helps her parents everyday in the garden. She is 7 years old, time to go to… read more

Case: The life of fisherman

Badar is a boy of twelve years, his father is a fisherman. They live on a remote island, in a village where the people live as fishermen. They go to the sea everyday to catch fish. They are not rich,… read more
Traditional Indonesian fishing boat

Case: Mangrove(2)

  Ghost animals? Farid is the son of a fisherman living in Gazi, Kenya along the Indian Ocean. Gazi is a small fishing village along a beautiful bay with splendid mangrove forestss. One day a group of foreigners arrived: scientists… read more

Case: Damaging the mangrove forest

  A case special  for schools near the coast (this case is also available in Indonesian: Kasus bakau) The Damage of Mangrove Forest in Indah Permai Beach In the year of 1970 a beautiful mangrove forest was lying along Indah… read more