Case: Fatima, a farmer’s daughter

Pak Rahman is a farmer who lives in a remote village. He has a daughter named Fatima. She is a very clever girl. She helps her parents everyday in the garden. She is 7 years old, time to go to… read more

Case: The life of fisherman

Badar is a boy of twelve years, his father is a fisherman. They live on a remote island, in a village where the people live as fishermen. They go to the sea everyday to catch fish. They are not rich,… read more
Traditional Indonesian fishing boat

Case: Mangrove(2)

  Ghost animals? Farid is the son of a fisherman living in Gazi, Kenya along the Indian Ocean. Gazi is a small fishing village along a beautiful bay with splendid mangrove forestss. One day a group of foreigners arrived: scientists… read more

Case: Damaging the mangrove forest

  A case special  for schools near the coast (this case is also available in Indonesian: Kasus bakau) The Damage of Mangrove Forest in Indah Permai Beach In the year of 1970 a beautiful mangrove forest was lying along Indah… read more

Case: The pond

Andi lives in a village East Java. Near the village, there is a pond near a forest. The water of the pond is clean and clear. The water is used by the villagers for daily use. The pond has been… read more