Case: Rubbish!

Nurhayati is ill. She lives in a village (in Indonesia) near the sea built at a place which has been a dump before people started living there. As a result the villagers suffer from many kinds of disease. Nuhayati is… read more

Case: Pollution and hot weather in my city

“Anita is walking in the city, but not enjoying it because it is too hot. The weather here is often much hotter than outside the city where she was staying with her grandparents three weeks ago. They live near the… read more

Case: Walking in the city

Have you ever been to the mall? There are so many things in there, like clothes, food, medicine, etc. Maybe your parents give you permission to choose your own goods. Did you ever think where the things come from? Maybe… read more
Was your T-shirt produced organically?

Case: A new Power station

Ibrahim lives in a village far from the city. The villagers are nowadays talking about only one thing: An electricity generating industry will be established in the village. The local families are asked to move from their place. Of course… read more
Will our village look like this?

Case: Dry land

Muhtar is a boy living in a farming village in Sambelia district. Nowadays his father is no longer farming but working in the big city and rarely coming home. His mother still works on the farm but it does not… read more