Case: A golden bracelet

  A golden bracelet for your mother’s birthday? “Christmas is coming, or maybe your mother’s birthday. And what does she want? She is dreaming of a golden bracelet, just like the one your aunt has…  Looks always good, and keeps… read more

Case: Invasive Plants

   Plants that Threaten Environment Do you also have too much bamboo in your garden? Most people like to have their garden green and colourful. Often plants from far away are used to make a nice garden. Sometimes they grow… read more

Case: Shrimps

SHRIMPS, from the WILD or from the FARM? “Sukadi lives near the coast of East Java (Indonesia). Sometimes in the holiday he goes with his uncle – who is a fisherman – out to sea. Before his uncle would fish… read more

Case: Erosion

  BARE SLOPES George’s class is on an excursion, which examines the geology of the region and human activity in the course of time. They arrive at a place where there once was a farm, but is now uninhabited. There… read more

Case: Tourism

  SOMEDAY I’LL FLY AWAY Thailand seems to be a beautiful country and therefore Ernesto would like to travel there. After his graduation he has time and money to go backpacking for a month. Unfortunately he often heard that travelling… read more