Case: When did you play outside last time?

Maybe you spend much time outside everyday, but probably you are spending more hours in front of your screen nowadays. It has been shown that the average American child spends 4 to 7 minutes a day in unstructured play outdoors,… read more

How do you go to school?

Too many cars and motorbikes, traffic jams and air pollution, also  caused by parents bringing their children to school. “Elisa lives opposite her school. She does not need a car to come there, but she has to cross the street,… read more

How sustainable is your dinner?

“During dinner  a discussion grows about the sustainability of the meal. This chicken, how did she live? What did she get to eat? The rice is from Thailand, the package tells us  that, the pineapple is from Kenya. So, this… read more

Fish to feed the world

Tilapia is a very special fish. Growing Tilapia can help people who have not enough proteins in their diet, It is possible to grow Tilapia in a simple pond and the fish does not demand expensive fodder. If you take… read more

Case: A golden bracelet

  A golden bracelet for your mother’s birthday? “Christmas is coming, or maybe your mother’s birthday. And what does she want? She is dreaming of a golden bracelet, just like the one your aunt has…  Looks always good, and keeps… read more