Starvation in many parts of Africa is often the result of exhaustion of the soil. In Western Europe this problem arose in the 19th century caused by a fast growing population. The use of chemical fertiliser solved the problem. But… read more

Desert Fruits

Background: In Mediterranean countries (like Israël, Spain and others) a lot of vegetables and fruit is grown for markets in Middle and Northern Europe. In the Mediterranean climate irrigation is indispensible for growing anything. Water is partly taken from subterranean… read more

Grain demand for car fuel threatens food supply

Now that the year’s grain harvest is safely in the bin, it is time to take stock and look ahead. This year’s harvest of 1,967 million tons is falling short of the estimated consumption of 2,040 million tons by some… read more

Greenhouse producing energy

Next generation greenhouse cultivation’ seems to offer possibilities for holdings that are raising young vegetable plants. Besides screening, there are high expectations of forced ventilation. This was found in a series of interviews with ten holdings on which vegetables plants… read more