Early farming methods caused climate change

Farmers thousands of years ago cleared land by burning forests and moved to a new area once the yields declined, say scientists. Farmers who used “slash and burn” methods of clearing forests to grow crops thousands of years ago could… read more

Biofuels could threaten food output

Plans by China and India to raise biofuels production from irrigated maize and sugarcane could aggravate water shortages and undermine food output, an international report said. The two countries, the most populous on the planet, might ease the projected water… read more

Where is the superfood? (The lesson)

About one billion people are starving to-day, nearly one in six! Because the human population is still growing and natural resources are depleted more and more, this number will only grow, more people will die of starvation – unless something… read more

Your food and the Himalayas (the lesson)

Not many people will immediately think of food problems when watching pictures of beautiful mountain landscapes of the Himalayas. The truth is that a big part of the human population (40%) depends on these mountains for their food supply. And… read more

On farm anaerobic digesting

  Anaerobic Digestion is one of the more promising biological technologies for sustainable waste management. It has the potential to turn a large and worsening agro-headache into a growing opportunity for sustainable farming. It can extract useful biogas energy and… read more