Case: What did you eat for breakfast?

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What did you eat for breakfast?
This case is also in Indonesian

Yuliana is eating her breakfast, and suddenly starts thinking about her food.
Where does it come from?
Who has been growing it?
How far has it travelled to come to her house?
When she arrives at school half an hour later she starts talking with her friends about these questions.
When their teacher hears this, she finds it a good idea to spend some lessons of food.
They decide to concentrate on the things they eat for breakfast, otherwise it will be too complicated.

You will continue by filling in a working plan »

You could start with answering some questions individually:
a. What kind of food do you eat at breakfast?
b. What is the food material to make the breakfast?
c. Where has the food material been produced?

This could be used as homework for students:
Find out where the food has been produced (look for texts at the package, ask parents, ask shopkeepers etc)

d. Make a map to draw the distribution route of food material consumed by students. Use a world map – or a local map
e. Discuss about the question how sustainable your food consumption is .
f. Discuss the kind of food material that is really sustainable ( think of your own healt, of the production, of the energy used to transport it)
g. Set up action plan.

This case is also in Indonesian

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